Anthony Coppage, M.S.

Anthony Coppage, M.S.

Associate Licensed Counselor

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Divine Mercy University (formerly Institute for Psychological Sciences in Washington, D.C.)

Anthony Coppage is currently an associate licensed counselor and one of Milestone’s newest additions. Anthony incorporates his multi-cultural background and client-centered values approach to prepare for work with a wide range of patient populations and settings.

He has developed parent-child training programs for children diagnosed with autism and often utilizes virtual sandbox technologies like Minecraft as effective communication tools in structured play therapy. Additionally, his past research explored how philosophical virtues like courage and hope influence treatment in severe addictions.

Anthony’s passion for culture and rebuilding positive communities after tragedy led to training at the Center for Trauma and Resiliency near Washington, D.C. His preparations and certifications for Field Traumatologist and Compassion Fatigue Educator are recognized by the Green Cross Academy, FEMA, and the Veteran’s Association.

Recently, Anthony joined the Headway Project, an online resource exploring clinical psychology topics in a simple yet powerful digital layout. He also enjoys all things Lord of the Rings and spends free time with family by cooking together, playing outside, and attending St. Columba parish.