About Us

For more than thirty years, we’ve been helping all kinds of people. We first opened our doors as Child and Family Services. In the beginning, we worked hard to shine a light on psychology and therapy services and break stigmas... something we actively continue today. But as evaluation and therapy services have become more of a priority, our practice has grown and the services we offer have practically doubled. To reflect that, we’re now Milestones Psychology and Therapy; a name chosen with intention and care.

Milestone: [mahyl-stohn]

A notable event marking a significant change in the development of a person.

Our goal is to help our community make deep, sustainable changes that can improve their everyday lives. Conversations with our patients are designed to help navigate daily unavoidable stresses. And ultimately, we hope to empower them for a lifetime of resilience and success.

Milestones Psychology and Therapy epitomizes an innovative model of care that serves all types of people. And just like our diverse Wiregrass community, our team is comprised of all kinds. We have a lot of collective and unique life experience between us. And as lifelong learners, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of research.

We’re also community-connected. Our clinicians are active in the Wiregrass, providing education, in-school services and training. We serve in various leadership positions as board members for local agencies who interface with mental health, emotional well-being, speech and occupational therapy aspects of public health.


One of our favorite community contributions is Chrysalis Home for Girls.

Chrysalis is a non-profit group home for girls in the Wiregrass who need protection from mis-treatment or abuse. The program coordinates trained specialists who assist the girls in their journey back to physical and emotional health in a nurturing and therapeutic environment. Milestone’s Kristyn Rouse serves as Chrysalis's Executive Director and Toni Cannon serves as Clinical Director.