Additional Services

Behavior Specialist

Our behavior specialists are qualified to observe, assess, and treat individuals with emotional or behavioral problems and disorders such as depression, anxiety, addiction, autism, ADHD, OCD, etc. They develop and implement treatment plans, maintain progress reports, and provide support to the patients. Other responsibilities include communicating with patients' teachers, caregivers, and families to implement treatment plans. They also collaborate with other healthcare specialists and support organizations.

Milestones Psychology and Therapy requires our behavioral specialists to have a degree in mental health, psychology, or a related field. They are commonly patient, compassionate, and good communicators. They are also pros at helping patients develop stress management and problem-solving skills.

Social skills groups

Social Skills is an adult therapeutic group intervention which is focused on relationships and socialization skills for those who are on the Autism Spectrum. Although the schedule varies, the group meets regularly and discusses a variety of topics. Those in the group have the chance to meet with others who have similar interests and mindsets. Social Skills typically meets for dinner, although there have been other activities, such as trips to the fair and holiday parties. All adults on the spectrum are welcome to join the group.

Provider: Dr. Cameron Powe

School & Headstart Consultation

We provide services to Early Head Start children and families as they transition to Dothan City School’s Head Start Program. We provide support through counseling workshops, training and development of behavior management plans in cooperation with the Houston County Dothan City Headstart program that is serving the child. We assist the early Head Start management team in completing an evaluation of this transition procedure.

Providers: Richard Dismukes, LPC; Jakobbee White, LPC